Precise tilt-compensated magnetic compass

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Making a map of a cave is a hard and tedious work. Obviously you can’t just use GPS. To plot precise map you have to measure distance, azimuth and inclination between two points within sight, draw it on paper and then repeat this operation many times for the next pairs of points. The aim of this project is to make an electronic magnetic compass that is accurate enough and can be connected to android device via bluetooth to plot data in realtime mode.



Main components:

  • RM3100 magnetic sensors
  • LIS331DLH accelerometer
  • HC-05 bluetooth
  • STM32F103CBT6 MCU
  • MCP73831 LiIon charger
  • ER-OLED096-2 OLED screen
  • Red laser emmiter

Current state of the project

Two prototypes were built and tested in Odessa catacombs with good results. At this point all works are stopped. If you are interested in this project we are open for cooperation.